I started working for my first client a General Contractor in May 2011.  Five months later in October 2011 I added two more a Mortgage broker (doing CRM Database work) and a Property Management company. (Doing Administration Services and Customer Service calls.)

What Did Tara Learn in 8 Months?

1. Youtube – It is educational too. I managed to learn how to use Quick books, and many other applications through YouTube tutorials. I think its an amazing tool. If your brave enough you can post your own video resume on YouTube.

2. Before buying a program take advantage of the free trial.  It  is usually good for 60 days and  that is more than enough time to find out if you need the program to run your daily operations for your client. Just check out the software companies website they will have free trials listed for download. If you need to purchase the product check and see if you can just by a CD Key rather than the whole thing. It should give you authorization to back up you copy of the software. Could mean the difference of $100 to $200 on a $400 to $600 purchase.  Remember it is a tax write off at the end of the year.

3. STAY AWAY FROM CRAIG’S LIST!  I honestly did not have a good experience with Craig’s list, and will not recommend it.

4. Go with your gut always. If everything inside you is saying DONT’ DO IT! then don’t, your gut is always right.

5.Don’t give up, be patient what you don’t know learn about it (see number 1).

6. Don’t take less than what you feel you are worth be reasonable and be aware of industry standards for pay rate of the job you are bidding for.

7. Stay local. Look to your own community and city first.

8. Take advantage of Social Media Networks. Just remember when using them potential clients will be looking at it too so keep content on your site client friendly or create one strictly for employers and keep your personal life out of it!

9. Do a search on-line and see if there are any Self  employment groups or associations in your field. Some of these places will post jobs on their site.

10. Check out your city’s website under bid opportunities you might qualify to put in a bid on a job.

Most of all never stop learning or looking for opportunities let everyone you know what you are doing. As you never know who may need your skills.

Stay tuned for Adventures of  Self Employment with Tara McConnell 

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